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Brooch, Metal

From the Collection of Tatura Irrigation & Wartime Camps Museum 49 Hogan S Tatura VIC

Brooch fashioned from Australian 1943 penny. Penny has a safety pin soldered to the reverse, for use as a brooch.
Object Registration
tatura, ww2, camp 3, internment, internee camps, numismatics, coins, costume, accessory, jewellery
Historical information
Else Oertel was a German internee in Camp 3A from 1940-1945. The penny-brooch is an example of the ingenuity of the internees in making use of anything at hand & repurposing it for much more than originally intended. Else's daughter, Else-Lore Hukins donated the item. Says Else-Lore of the brooch: "Jewellery was made out of available metals. Pennies mad a bright brooch and especially interesting if it featured the current year it was given".
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