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Document - "Gerhard Ernst Neumann Briefe Ohne Datum".

From the Collection of Tatura Irrigation & Wartime Camps Museum 49 Hogan Street Tatura VIC

Light cardboard covers secured by green string, containing paper pages with typed entries, in German. Scrap book made and bound in Camp 1 with type written copies of letters written, in German from 17th. October 1943, by Dr. Neumann to his wife during his internment in Camp 1, Tatura.
27x 22 x 1
Object Registration
camp 1 tatura, dr gerhard neumann, documents, letters
Historical information
Made in Camp 1, Tatura to containing copies of letters written by Dr. Neumann to his wife in Bendigo, Dr. Neumann came from Germany to take a position as lecturer at Sydney University c.1937, until interned in 1939. This item remained in the possession of his daughter Ingrid until she brought it and presented to the Museum.
When Made
October1943 on.
Inscriptions & Markings
Gerhard.Erst Neumann, Briefe Ohne Datum..
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2 Aug 2018 at 2:08PM