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From the Collection of Tatura Irrigation & Wartime Camps Museum 49 Hogan S Tatura VIC

Black and white photograph. 12 adult school teachers,with a pre school boy standing in front right hand side, standing in front of an Army tin hut with double doors open.
L 21.5 cm x W 16.5 cm
Object Registration
sturzenhofecker, weiberle, dehnel, vollmer, lippmann, kallat, reitmaeir, wurster, kuebler, boerner, rubitschung, camp 3 internees, camp teachers, camp schools
Historical information
Front row right Dr Sturzenhofecker and child, Mrs Weiberle (Sarona Palestine, Mrs Dehnel (dressmaker, Austria), Mrs Vollmer (Palestine), Mrs Lippmann (Sarona Palestine), Mrs Kollat (Australia), Dr Reitmeair (Australia).
Back row Mrs Wurster (Haifa Palestine), Mrs Kuebler (Sarona Palestine), Mrs Boerner (New Guinea Mission) and Mr Boerner (New Guinea Mission).
Third row Dr Rubitschung (Jaffa Palestine).
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29 May 2018 at 11:17AM