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From the Collection of Tatura Irrigation & Wartime Camps Museum 49 Hogan S Tatura VIC

Black 4 ring folder
A4 x 3.3 cms
Object Registration
ww2 camp 1, list of german internees in camp 1a and1b as at dec. 1940., list of italian internees., list of personal involved in camp organisation., |various records and recollections- hans beck; wolf klaphake; fritz heuke;.johan heinrich schmitz; johannes juergen recker; karl hillgenfeldt; stefan asboth; ludwig winter; haakon nilsen; karl kast; edward guenther fabarius; hans muhlhaus; walter kiessling;t.h.f.lambrecht; von schulenburg; josef friedrich; richard otto max kramer; prager bros; dr. gruber; arthur burchardt; carl wilke; e.h. langheld; h.nilsen., translation of secret document found in sydney hotel,, "my experience in an australian internment camp" by b.goener., theatre programs., athletic certificates helmut fruechtenicht, "experience in an internment camp" by ernst kropf, escape from camp 1- jens peter andersen;, hans wolfgang meissel; karl johannes iser., "the angel of tehran"- story of internment of germans women in persia.|, the story of oskar speck, kayacker germany to australia., photos of camp huts being transported to tatura.|, description of weaving loom built by w. "jack" weber, and donated to museum by gerd aberle|, letter written by emil hottelmann., map of camp 1 hospital drawn from memory by matron "trix" moore.|, list of germans who arrived in australia 1935-1939., list of germans resident in australia up to 1939.|, lecture by klaus neumann on internment of german/austrian refugees., water colour sketches of bathurst gaol & camp 1 by j.w.r. wolfgarten.|, sketches by e. dulfer.|, recollections of carmel noonan whose father owned the site of camp ! in 1939.|, photos of christening in camp 1., visit of ken harvey who knew most of the german wool buyers., translation of brennessel no.5., translation of nazi song written by h.stuerzenhofecker, copy of sketch, soccer teams- kueche-a v. norden, copies of sketches by karl muffler- dhurringile, camp 1 gateway, barracks, brennessel sketches, recreation room and broadford forestry camp, together with photos of cakes made by muffler, copies of mail cover, coins and "tatura meister" medal.|, copies of "brennessel" sold on ebay., sports certificates (3) issued to helmut fruechtenicht., "the long arm of the third reich" by christine winter., from resort to prison - isle of man to camp 1, winds of war : the saga of peter feistman, from resort to prison - josef friedrich.|, overseas internees investigation commission report on whether overseas internees could remain in australia permanently- donated by stefan asboth., paul anders' story,instructions for release dated 14 november, 1946, prisoner of war - service and casualty form and order for detention dated 3 september, 1940, amf home service - mobilization attestation form dg fleet, oath of enlistment, dated 31 july 1940, service and casualty form,dated 6 june 1946, proceedings on discharge dated 31 july 1942, internees - service and casualty form - pasquale pagitty - australian italian military forces - 4-6-1940, camp 1 account of construction william pargeter., list of internment & pow camps in australia ex internet (not complete and entirely accurate)., letter re locksmith harry harbingor?, archival records of acquisition of land and easement for water pipe line., macgeorge newspaper article on nilsen's radio receiver.|see also 713.3
Inscriptions & Markings
Camp 1.
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