Historical information

Collection of photographs from camp 3, Palestine Group.
1. Christmas decorations.
2. Copy of photo of Erich & Gretl Frank sent by Gretl Frank to her grandfather in Cyprus, 01.06.1947.
3,4. Copy of photo of Gretl Frank & Helga Bulach (now Jurgensen), taken unofficially by a nursing sister.
5. Copy of photo of Frank family & Egar Clauss, an engineer working in Persia and brought for internment without his family.
6.Back: Roland & Berti Frank with Heidi & Ursula in front. Mrs. Emma Frank holding Erich and Mr Kurt Frank, Gretl in front.
7 Kindergarten Class- Ursula Frank; Gretl Frank & Anne Marie Blaich.
8 Doster; Waltraud Guenther; Wally; Nelly Edelmaier; Ilse Frank; Ingebord Graze; Heidi Frank & Gudrun Doster.
9 Gretl's school class with Herr Baer. Back: Walter Krafft; Peter Auer; ? ; ? ; ? ; ? ;Gretl Frank; Ursula Frank; Gerda Baer; ? ; Traude Hoefer; Eleonore Hahn. Front row not identified.
10 Waltraud Guenther; ? ; ? ; ? ; Doster; ? ; ? ;Heidi & Isse Frank.
11 Wedding of Otto Frank & Gertrud Beilharz.
12 Group including Harald Graze and Eberhard Guenther.
13 Group including Ulrich Krafft?
14 Official photograph 809.
15 Back: Roland Frank; Gudrun Heider (Frank); Heider (her husband); Jone Frank; Isolde Frank; Kurt Frank.| Front: Berti holding Ursula; Heidi; Bete Frank (mother of Isolde & Gudrun); Gretl Frank & Emma Frank.

Physical description

Copies of mainly 10 x 8 cms. sepia photographs