Historical information

Collection of photos taken c.1920 by the Anderson family. Carlton and Bill Anderson left Murchison for a soldier settlement block at North West Mooroopna, 2 miles from the school. Bill had been a stretcher bearer in WW1.
Photos taken by Anderson family of general farming activities, irrigation channel construction with horse teams, Goulburn Weir, Waranga Basin western outlet structure and channel, official opening ceremony. Photos loaned for copying.|1. Outlet structure, possibly the opening.|2.Western Channel.|3.Waranga Basin inlet.|4. Waranga Basin outlet.|5,6.Goulburn Weir.|7,8 Channel construction with horse teams.|9.Skid scoop.|10. Group at Bain.|11."Spot", Bill Anderson and the team.|12.Teams take time off.|13.Washing up.|14.Spring cart and "Smoko"|15.Bill Anderson holding horse.|16.Team of four.|17.A good crop.|18.Wonkey scoop with two horse team.|19,Horses at rest.|20.Head in nose bag.|21.Bill Anderson & Marty Clooney, tents, wagons and gig.|22.Wally Wybrow grooming horse.|23 Bill Anderson, Marty Clooney and furphy tank.|24. Four horse teams.|25.Carlton Anderson? cutting hair.|26,27.|28.Three wheel trolley made from old harvester.|29. Harvester.|30.Wally.|31.Marty Clooney and horse.|32|33.Seven horse team.|34-43.Various farm photos