Historical information

Joyce Hayward and her husband, Cyril came from England to Warrnambool in 1955. For 30 years she and her husband were dominant figures in the performing arts organizations in Warrnambool. Joyce was the Director of the Warrnambool Theatre Company from 1955 to 1985 and directed more than 80 plays and musicals. She founded the Warrnambool Calisthenics Club, helped develop the Holiday Actors Company and was a key figure in the revival of the Warrnambool Arts Council in the 1970s. She was a Life Member of the Theatre Group. Along with her husband she helped to develop and build the Warrnambool Performing Arts Centre. She was awarded the British Empire Medal for services to the arts in Warrnambool in 1981. Warrnambool City Council gives Citizenship Awards annually.


This is a significant item as it was an important award received by Joyce Hayward, a prominent person in the Warrnambool arts scene for 30 years.

Physical description

This is a bronze-coloured medallion presented to Joyce Hayward as a citizenship award in 1970. It is circular in shape with the crest of the City of Warrnambool on one side and a laurel wreath with inscriptions on the other. It has a metal ring at the top for hanging the item. It is in a black leather box lined with red velvet and white silk and includes a small metal stand to display the medallion.

Inscriptions & markings

Medallion – City of Warrnambool, Dieu et Mon Droit, By These We Flourish
Citizenship Award, J.T.H.Hayward, 1970, Stokes Melb.