Historical information

This sign points has two different messages. The first states Public Works Office, which was operational in Victoria between 1855 and 1987 dealt with many aspects of the states infrastructure. It had many different reponsibilities and roles from building government accommodation and fit out of buildings, licences for unused roads and water ways, main roads and bridges, ports and harbour,and water supplies. Much of this work was managed through local offices such as the one at Warrnambool.
The sign on the reverse which states Witnesses Waiting Room relates to the court house which is where this sign originated.The Warrnambool court house was built in 1870-71 by the Victorian Public Works department and it is possible that this sign relates to that period.It is one of a number of public buildings built in the period 1870-1890 including the Police station and stables and police quarters, the Post Office and drill Hall , all in the same vicinity. This building reflects the growth of the town and also the importance it held at the time from a state level. The building while no longer used as a court house is a building of significance to Warrnambool as well as to the state of Victoria, being one of six around the state which were built in free classical style. This sign denotes the waiting room for witnesses which was situated on the western side of the building.


A tangible link which provides historical and social significance to Warrnambool.

Physical description

Rectangular wooden sign with rounded corners. There is text on both sides painted in gold paint with shadow in black. One side is a darker brown stain . There are screw holes in each corner.and one hole on left middle of sign. Rounded edge on one side.

Inscriptions & markings

Side 1: Witnesses Waiting Room
Side 2:Public Works Office.