Historical information

This Journal contains a wide variety of lifestyle subjects, showing an interest in in collection of ladies’ fashion covers, newspaper clippings and personal notes appear to have been gathered by a person with interests in fashion, poetry and the home.

The covers dating up to 1870 have signatures such as “E. Preval”, a mid to late 19th century watercolour artist. Covers from 1871 have no signatures but have the word “COPYRIGHT” included in the printing.

The name below the illustrations “Moine et Falconer” is a French fashion printer and publisher.

The loose newspaper cuttings are dated from 1878 to 1927.

Physical description

Journal, comprising a collection of sixty (60) medium weight cartridge paper covers of the “Ladies’ Supplement of the London Journal” with a selection of newspaper clippings pasted to the back of all but two of the covers.

The journal covers are dated between years 1868 – 1877. They each have a hand coloured engraving. Below some of the illustrations is a name and address (in French). Some of the covers have a portrait orientation and others are landscape. Some of the covers have a length of additional paper on the left/top with small print, as though there has been a magazine spine attached. The covers have printed dates and numbers, and some of the illustrations are numbered and have one or two signatures.

On the reverse of the covers is a selection of newspaper cuttings, including poetry, Household Receipts (recipes, helpful hints on household matters, quotes, fashion, etc.) and personal notes, carefully cut to fit onto the pages. Hand written dates on some of these articles show that they are not all from the same date, and don’t necessarily correspond to the date of the cover. Some of these pages have been assembled upside down to the front cover.

Also included are additional notes and loose newspaper cuttings from 1878 – 1927.

Inscriptions & markings

Under some of the hand coloured engravings are the printed words “Moine et Falconer, imp. r. St Victor, go Paris” (or similar). There are also one or two signatures on the earlier engravings including “E. Preval”.

Printed onto the Journal pages “Price one Penny”.

Several of the pages have hand drawn lines and pencil script notes. Many of the newspaper cuttings have a date written in pencil on them. For example, “Stuffing Birds”..

The Ladies’ Supplements have been printed with number for “Published with No. –“, and a number for “Presented with Part -”.

Some of the reverse pages have pencil notes beside them.