Historical information

Presented by Commodore Otto A. Meik, September 27, 1971 for a Combined Clubs Round the Bay Race. It was first sailed in the Season 1972 -73 and won by Ricky Laycock in Aquila.
Traditionally, this trophy was awarded for the Squadron overnight race held in November each year. In the early 1980’s a decline in the entrants for overnight races forced the shift of the race to a long all- day Around the Bay Race. In November 1990, the race was reinstituted as a Combined Divisions Race, using V.Y.C. handicap system and was won by Ninda – Roger Townley.
Prizes are also awarded for winner in C.H.S. and I.M.S. handicaps.
In 2007 the Squadron Cup was confirmed as the prize for the overall winner of YV PH Division 1, 2 and 3, open to all clubs for a long race (70nm plus) with a night component. The race was decided on the results from the Big Bay Challenge race from 2007 onwards, won in 2007 by San Miguel – Russell Walton.

Physical description

Spherical shaped bowl 345 mm high to lip edge, with raised grape and leaf decorations around mid-section, flaring down to thick shaped stem, thence out to shaped footing also with raised grape and leaf decorations. Has solid rectangular handles.
Shaped lid with raised grape and leaf decorations around edge, surmounted with solid, shaped dome with overall height 100 mm.
Bowl stands on 80 mm high, round black base with shaped footing, silver winners inscription band around diameter.

Inscriptions & markings