Historical information

The opening of the Tawonga Hall was celebrated in the evening on Wednesday 11th March 1925. A band played and guests danced.


This 'programme' was used by people in the district who attended the opening of the Tawonga Hall in 1925.

Physical description

This is a small programme for the evening of the opening of the Tawonga Hall in 1925. It also doubled as a dance engagement book for the evening. Front cover "Programme" is printed It is in the form of folded cardboard with a picture of a rose on the cover that passes through a white tag entitled 'Programme' on the stem of the rose. Edges have spaced zig-zag cuts in groups of 6. On back of front a lot writing printed in black. Opposite is a list of 15 dances eg. Waltz with space for names of partners. On the folded card a hole has been pierced at the top left hand corner with red wool threaded through and a small pencil hanging at the end of it.