Historical information

The firm W. Gribble & Co. are associated with the long-term President of the Ballarat School of Mines Council, Bill Gribble.

Physical description

Black top hat with black band purchased at W. Gribble & Co. Ballarat, possibly by Peace Brown. The hat was made by Woodrow Hatters, Piccadilly, London, circa 1920. A black fur felt top hat with black band. Lined with white fabric and pale calf leather.

Inscriptions & markings

Printed on inside white cloth: Woodrow and Sons Hat Manufacturers To H.M the King, Manchester, Piccadilly, Liverpool. Extra Quality. Made in England for W. Gribble & Co., Ballarat.
On the leather is stamped Manufactured by Woodrow & Sons; Undyed Calf Leather; Made in England for W. Gribble & Co. Ballarat. Handwritten on leather: Adams and Tully. Swan Hill