Historical information

Mary Ann Willis is a member of The Orbost Nixon family and as a child spent time in Orbost.
Mrs Marion Dwyer held office at Bairnsdale Golf Club and the East Gippsland Golf Associates Association for many years, being honoured with Life Membership from both. She was also a member of the YGLU (now Golf Victoria) council for 10 years.
Mrs Dwyer won a number of titles including: Victorian Country Champion 9 times, Victorian Veteran Champion 3 times, Gippsland Champion 13 times, East Gippsland Champion 16 times, East Gippsland Foursomes' Champion 2 times, Bairnsdale Golf Club Ladies Champion 32 times, Bairnsdale Golf Club Foursomes' Champion 4 times & 106 single tournaments.

Physical description

A large book with a black cover. Book written by Mary Ann Willis. Contains poetry and articles including an oral history of Marion Dwyer.