Historical information

Dross Drossou sold his cordial manufacturing business to Phillips and Stone, a Bairnsdale company, in 1948. Phillips and Stone continued to manufacture soft drinks at Orbost until the early 1970's when the factory became a distribution centre. It closed as a distribution centre in 1978 and later served as the headquarters of the Orbost State Emergency Service. The site of the Cordial Factory now forms part of a carpark. A deposit on the bottles was added to all sales as they left the factory. The returned bottles were washed and the old label removed. The inside was cleaned by pushing the bottle onto a revolving brush. The reusing of the bottles went on until the bottle was broken or the top became chipped.


This bottle is an example of a product manufacture by a local industry no longer existing.

Physical description

A clear glass bottle with a screw thread top. The label and print ( in upper case) are white.

Inscriptions & markings

Front- Refreshing Drinks Back-Manufactured by Phillips & Stone Base-1121 P&S Bairnsdale and Orbost Ask for Phillips and Stone Artificially Coloured & Flavoured Net Contents 30 fld ozs