Historical information

Geographically situated on the coast Warrnambool has large tracts of sedimentary rock, some of which is sandstone. It therefore was a readily available material and as a relatively soft stone it was easily quarried and cut. By the 1880’s Warrnambool had been established for around forty years and was proving to be a settlement of some wealth. Hence the trend to build bigger and grander homes. There are numerous other commercial buildings which are built in sandstone and many of the original quarries are still visible around the Warrnambool area. Most of the properties are situated in the central part of Warrnambool.


This collection of photographs is a good cross-section of some of the significant homes and buildings of Warrnambool. It also shows how they look 100 years after being built.

Physical description

A collection of 18 black and white photographs of sandstone houses, mounted on card and tied loosely with string. The addresses of each house are hand-written in black pen beside each photo. Title is written in black pen on cover page.

Inscriptions & markings

Graeme Blake 1973 in bottom RH corner, Via * Fraser & Chris How in blue pencil.