Historical information

Previous owners: T. H. Smith, T. W. Smith, W. F. L. Owen (Langer Owen)

Physical description

No. of volumes: 686
Volume range: Law Times & Law Reporter - Vol. I N.S. (November 1859) - Vol. CLXXVII (December 1947), Weekly Notes - Vol. 1925-26 - Vol. 1952, Weekly Law Reports - Vol. 1953 - Vol. 2014
Missing volumes: Vol. XLI N.S. (September 1879 - February 1880)

Also known as:
The law reporter : the law times : reports containing all the cases argued and determined in the House of Lords, the Privy Council, the Court of Appeal in Chancery, the Rolls Courts, V. C. Kindersley's Court, V. C. Stuart's Court, V. C. Wood's Court, the court of Queen's Bench, the court of Common Bench, the court of Exchequer, the Bail Court, the Exchequer Chamber, the court for Crown cases reserved, the Probate Court, the court for divorce and matrimonial cases, the Admiralty Court, the Bankruptcy Court, the Insolvency Court, at Nisi Prius, Maritime law cases, together with a selection of cases of universal application decide in the Superior Courts in Ireland and in Scotland
Weekly notes
Weekly law reports

Most volumes, especially early contain a book plate and stamp for W. F. L. Owen