Historical information

Photograph of Cross carved by Kevin Gilders and completed in 2010. Inscription on plaque: 'This Cross commemorates the 30th anniversary of Loyola College Watsonia. It is sculptured form the wood of the cedar tree that once stood on these grounds in the roundabout in front of the Loyola Jesuit House of Studies and Novitiate building from 1934-2009. The Cross was unveiled by College Captains Adam Leary and Julia Cosgrave; Fr Steven Rigo; President of the Association of Canonical Administrators and Mr Joseph Favrin; College Principal. It was blessed by Fr Gerry Healy SJ at the College celebration of the feast of St Ignatius held on July 30th 2010. Part of a collection of photographs of Loyola College; Grimshaw Street Watsonia; established 1980 on the site of the Loyola Seminary. The College purchased the original building in 2002. These photographs of the original building and grounds were taken by GHS member Jazz Burge in June 2012.

Physical description

Digital copy of colour photograph.