Historical information

These items have no known provenance and no information has been found on the Barnards on the printing blocks, delivery paper and stamps. The stamp for ‘W.I.O. Barnard’ was sent to an address in Camberwell so it is presumed that the Barnard family members were in Melbourne and not in the Warrnambool district.


The only interest in these items is in the printing blocks and stamps. They are good examples of the type of printing used in the early 20th century and the type of stamp used by individuals for letterheads, visiting cards, personal items etc.

Physical description

There are 5 objects in this collection:-
1. A small red cardboard box
2. A printing block with a wooden base and metal type – E.D. Barnard
3. A printing block with a metal ring handle – B. Barnard
4. Five metal type letters
5. A much-tattered sheet of paper showing delivery of stamp to ‘W.I.O. Barnard’

Inscriptions & markings

Wooden Block – E.D. Barnard
Metal Block – B. Barnard
Box - stamped E.D. Barnard
Paper – ‘Linen Stamp Co. 231 Elizabeth St. Melbourne, Please deliver stamp and pad at 2/6, Name: W.I.O. Barnard, Address: 29 Bowen St. Camberwell, Signature: E. Barnard’