Historical information

Soft drink came in bottles bought at the local grocery store or at a large city store on a shopping expedition. The shape of the bottles changed as did the stopper used to seal it. Bottles were re cycled remaining the property of the manufacturer. History of Marchants & Co. Ltd.


Historical: Change of bottles - shape, glass, stopper, embossing, use.
Aesthetic: Display showing embossing & shape especially if in good condition.

Physical description

Clear glass bottle with groove criss cross patterned sides near the base and three quarters of the way up where the bottle tapers to form straight sides half way to the opening. Between the criss cross patterns is white and red painted print and a 'ceramic label. The red plastic stopper is attached at the opening.

Inscriptions & markings

On one side: Red and white "Serve Icy Cold / Marchants / It's the Most
On the other side: A / Sparkling / Summer Drink / Bottled by Marchant & Co. Ltd / Melbourne. Please Return / stopper / with bottle