Historical information

This is the program of the 2014-5 exhibition at the Warrnambool Art Gallery, ‘From the Sacred to the Profane – The Challenges and Possibilities of Renaissance Art’. This exhibition was a joint project between the National Gallery of Victoria and the Warrnambool Art Gallery and was officially opened in December 2014 by the Director of the National Gallery of Victoria, Tony Ellwood.


This program is of interest as a souvenir of an exhibition in Warrnambool that was an important one as it featured historical and valuable works of art from the National Gallery of Victoria.

Physical description

This is a sheet of paper folded to make six sides. One side has a plasticized surface. The pages have a black background with white and red printing on five sides and a colour photograph of a painting on the front page. The back page has the logos of the Warrnambool Art Gallery Foundation, the Victorian State Government, Arts Victoria, Warrnambool City Council and Deakin Worldly.