Historical information

This is number 22 of 27 items in the Daisy Vickers collection of World War One memorabilia. These items were sent or given to Daisy Ogier (nee Vickers) during World War One by Corporal Arthur Anderson who enlisted from Warrnambool in 1915 at the age of 21. He served in Egypt and France and returned to Australia in 1919.
Daisy Ogier (1907-1987) was a student and then a teacher at Warrnambool Technical School with her early teaching years there from 1925 to 1936 and in 1949. She became the head mistress from 1950 to 1963 and in 1968. She officially retired in 1976. Daisy Vickers was one of the best loved and dedicated teachers that the school ever had. She married the Reverend Fred Ogier and continued her association with the school after her husband's death.


This card is interesting because of its association with World War One and with two local people: Daisy Vickers and Arthur Anderson.

Physical description

This is a coloured postcard with a sketch of three children dressed in military outfits. The child dressed as a nurse is giving a piece of fruit to a child dressed as a wounded soldier. On the back it has space for correspondence and an address.

Inscriptions & markings

Les Grenades