Historical information

Nothing is known of Robert Main except that he was a Warrnambool carpenter who had a wife named Jane and he died on 9th August 1880. He left an estate to the value of £35. The Warrnambool lawyers, Bayley and Higgins operated in Warrnambool in the 1880s. Mr Bayley came from Port Fairy and Jabez Higgins, well-known in Warrnambool for his sporting and community interests, purchased the legal practice of Bayley and Higgins with his brother in 1875. Jabez Higgins built the residence, ‘Corio’ in Warrnambool and died in 1886.
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This document is of significance only in that it is an example of probate papers drawn up by Warrnambool solicitors for a deceased Warrnambool resident in the 1880s.

Physical description

This is a piece of white parchment with ruled black lines and folded and sealed at the bottom with a seal of the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria. The seal is attached to the document by a blue ribbon. There is also a red stamp of the Master in Equity of the Supreme Court. The document is dated 1881. Apart from some minor staining the document is in good condition. The material is handwritten in black and red ink

Inscriptions & markings

‘In the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria, in its Probate Jurisdiction, in the Estate of Robert Main, late of Warrnambool, in the County of Villiers in the Colony of Victoria, carpenter, deceased, Letters of Administration, Bayly and Higgins, Proctors, Warrnambool, Recd. 6/9, 25o, 8/11/81, W.A.R.’