Historical information

This 1891 document contains the information on the Will and Probate of John Gould, an engineer from Russells Creek. No information has been found on John Gould except that he died in October 1890 at the age of 67. The solicitor, William Ardlie was a well-known Warrnambool lawyer, commencing a practice in 1865 and continuing well into the 20th century making him at the time one of the longest-serving lawyers in the British Empire. Tait collection: item 10 of 62


This document is of interest in that it includes information on a resident of Russells Creek in the Warrnambool area, and also the lawyer concerned is Willaim Ardlie, one of the best-known identities in Warrnambool in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Physical description

This is an 1891 piece of parchment folded in half to give four pages of written material. This material is handwritten in black ink. A seal of the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria is attached with a green ribbon. The document is somewhat discoloured.

Inscriptions & markings

‘In the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria in the probate jurisdiction in the Will of John Gould, late of Russells Creek near Warrnambool in the Colony of Victoria, Engineer, deceased, Probate. I certify that there is no duty payable. J. F. Poole, Officer under Section 96, Act 1060, June 23rd 1891. Extracted by William Ardlie, Solicitor, Warrnambool’.