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This document gives details of the Will and Probate of Charles Wines of Warrnambool. Charles Wines was born in Somerset, England in 1832 and died in July 1900, residing in Lava Street East, Warrnambool, at the time. He and his wife came to Australia in 1852 and settled in the Woodford area, remaining there until about 1880 when they shifted to Mailors Flat. He was married to Hannah and they had a large family, with eleven surviving at the time of his death. He left real estate to the value of £1618 and personal estate to the value of £14 with the chief beneficiaries being his sons, Thomas and George and his wife, Hannah. After his wife’s death the estate was to be divided equally amongst the surviving children. The lawyer involved in drawing up this document was Ernest Chambers. He had legal offices in Warrnambool, Koroit and Port Fairy at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The document was in his possession and was then passed down to successive lawyers occupying the legal premises in Kepler Street. It was located in this building in 2014 (last occupied by the legal firm of Mackay Taylor).


This document is of considerable interest as it gives details of the Will and Probate of Charles Wines. Charles and other members of the Wines family were prominent settlers in the Woodford/Mailors Flat/Warrnambool area in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Physical description

This is a cream-coloured piece of parchment paper folded in two to make four pages. The pages are unruled and there is handwritten material on the four pages in black ink. A seal of the Supreme Court of Victoria is attached with a green ribbon and there is one red stamp of the Master in Equity of the Supreme Court. The document is stained but legible. The document gives details of the Will and Probate of Charles Wines, late of Warrnambool, who died in 1900.