Historical information

The book includes articles of interest to Victoria's TAFE teachers.

John McMahon's 'The Strong Providers of early Technical and Further Education' includes Mechanics' Institutes, changes in technical education, government interference post the 1890s Economic Depression, Fink Royal Commission, 1910 Victorian Secondary Education Act, Frank tate, Apprentice Trade Training Board pre 1918, Industrial Retraining of Soldiers (Repatriation).

Physical description

Green and black soft covered booklet with articles relating to TAFE. The editorial group for this issue was Dick Mack (Footscray), Roger Mcfarlane (Ballarat School of Mines), Peter Skilbeck (Hawthorn), Ken Eckersall (Hawthorn) and Jo gregory (Office of the TAFE Board)

* A Future for TAFE by Des Thornton
* The Changing Context of TAFE by Ken Eckersall
* The Strong Providers of Early technical And Further Education by John McMahon
* What TAFE Colleges are doing about Blackburn
* Youth Programs, TAFE and the Meaning of Life! by Russell Cook
* A New Model of Support Teaching in TAFE by Leonie Morgan
* Integration of People with disabilities into TAFE by Leonie Morgan
* Commonwealth Initiatives to Promote Women in Non-Traditional Training and Employment by Laurel Black
* Multicultural education in two Colleges: Some Practical Achievements by Fiona Worthy
* Teaching Writing in ESL Through the Word Processor: A Case Study by John Humann and Dennis Farrugia.
* What Further Studies Mean to Me by Mike Healy
* Industrial release Programs for Carpentry and joinery TAFE Teachers by Geoff Rodgers
* So That's What You Can Do!: A CDO Role Analysis by Kevin Vallance
* Monitoring Technological Change by Barry Brinkworth
* Apprentice Training: An Update on Research by Bob Hayes.