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Bottle - Cream

From the Collection of Kiewa Valley Historical Society Mount Beauty Information Centre 31 Bogong High Plains Rd Mt Beauty Victoria

Small clear glass bottle containing one third of a pint and used to carry cream. it tapers to a lip at the neck. On one side and the base it is heavily embossed. Under the embossing on the side it is stencilled in red and black words and outline of a picture of a happy man wearing a tie pointing to the writing.
130 mm high, Base: diameter 50 mm. Neck 40 mm diameter. Straight side 80 mm.
Object Registration
KVHS 0692
dairy, farmers, haberfield's, cream
Historical information
Cream was stored and sold in bottles and bought at a local store. History of Haberfield's. The measurement of liquids was in pints and money in pence (d) pre 1966. Bottles were returned to the manufacturer who reused the bottle. To encourage the return of bottles, collectors were given 3d (pence) per bottle.
When Made
Pre 1966
Historical: Dairy farmers living in the Kiewa Valley, sent their milk to be separated into cream by a Dairy company and then sold to the public.
Aesthetic: Display showing variations of shape, embossing and stencilling
Inscriptions & Markings
Base: Common Seal with 'A' and 'G' and 'M' inside the 'A'. under which is '91/6' under which is' ISM - 707'
Side: embossed: Third Pint
Side: stencilled: Haberfield's (red) / always red (black) / Pasteurised (red on black) / Cream (white on black)
Opposite side: stencilled: 3d Deposit / On This Bottle (all in red)
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