Historical information

Milk bottles were bought at the local store. Metric measures were introduced in Australia in 1966. Bottles were recycled and remained the property of the manufacturer.


Dairy farmers live in the Kiewa Valley and send their milk to the local dairy to be pasteurised and bottled.
Historical: Bottles changed - shape, size, embossing and seal
Aesthetic: Display showing bottles of different shape, size, embossing

Physical description

Clear glass milk bottle with straight sides three quarters of the way up tapering gently to the opening. The taper sides are heavily embossed with print in capital letters. The circumference of the base is embossed with short straight lines in the direction of the edge to middle.

Inscriptions & markings

On each side: "Pasteurised / Wash and Return / 600 ml Milk The fourth line continues underneath around the circumference: Use not permitted without written - permission owner milk bottles recovered.