Historical information

CENTENARY PLAQUE AUSTRALIAN NATIVES ASSOCIATION.1871 - 1971.This plaque commemorates the centenary of the Australian Natives Association and depicts some of the achievements brought about by the Association in Australia over a Century.The circular shape symbolizes a continuous line of achievements around a central point or theme.Whithin this shape are three bands of waving and undulating sand textured steps,passing through the map of Australia. these bands signify the rolling sandy plains which are so characteristic of this country .There is a total of seven basic shapes representing the seven states - six of which are overlapping representing the mainland.The six oval shapes depict The ANA.crest Federation 1901.The Made in Australia Council.The Australia Day Council. The Armed Forces and Friendly Society.


Made to commemorate 100 years service of ANA to Australia.

Physical description

A rectangular shadow box style frame of brown wood,in which is a round Brass Medallion on a beige background.Around the edge are wavy bands representing rolling sands.At the top are the words AUSTRALIAN NATIVES ASSOCIATION and at the bottom is inscribed 100 YEARS OF SERVICE and on a map of Australia TO AUSTRALIA.There are seven basic oval shapes on which -from the top-is the ANA Crest and the words Federation 1901.then a Boomerang with the stars of the Southern Cross and the words Buy Australian,then a map of Australia on which are standing three figures of Army,Navy,Airforce Personel,then the Australian flag with Jan 26 and Friendly Society.

Inscriptions & markings