Historical information

The Cape belonged to V10909 Margaret Annie Brown who served with the AMF during WW2. Margaret A Brown enlisted on 17 September 1940 and was discharged with the rank of Major on 28 July 1944. Margaret Brown worked at the Heidelberg Hospital and also as Matron at Puckapunyal. Margaret Brown missed out on a posting to Hospital Ships working in the Pacific because of her age at the time - 40 - the cut off for the assignment was 40. One of Margarets co-workers at Heidelberg Vivian Bullwinkle - late 20ish at the time - gained a posting oversees.


This is the original Nurses Cape that belonged to V10909 Margaret A Brown.
The Soldiers Paybook and Appointment Certificate are originals belonging to V10909 Margaret A Brown.

Physical description

A Scarlett Nurses Cape. There are two Major Badges of Rank on the epaulettes and two Australian Military Forces buttons holding the epaulettes to the shoulders.
Soldiers Pay Book, Continuation. Cardboard Cover, buff colour with paper pages.
Appointment Certificate. Paper.

Inscriptions & markings

The are no inscriptions or markings on the Cape.
Pay Book No C81010, Army No. V10909, Name Brown, Christian Names Margaret Anne.