Historical information

The right honourable Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Tennyson Somers Cocks, was born in Herefordshire. Served with distinction in the Army and was twice decorated with bravery, before being appointed as Governor of Victoria. This portrait of Lord Somers is the only one in which a Grand Master is not in masonic regalia. Lord Somers insisted he not be seen dressed in a manner which could give offence to any other organization, with which he was associated in Public Life or Private Life. He was deeply involved in the Scouting Movement and was Chief Scout in Victoria and succeeded Baden-Powell as Chief Scout of the British Commonwealth.


The portrait of Lord Somers holds great significance as it is the only painting within the Library and Museum collection of a Grand Master without his masonic regalia.

Physical description

Lord Somers stands beside his hat and is in uniform, no apron or other freemason regalia. Freemason Victoria coat of arms in upper left corner.

Inscriptions & markings

Framed oil painting on canvas with stretcher/strainer. Wood/metal composite brackets used to fix painting to wall. 'Compo' ornamented gilt frame with running designs. Metal placque with two screws holding it to frame.