Historical information

The Premier towns is an award given by the Victorian state Government. It recognises positive actions by regional communities to protect and enhance their local environment. It is based on criteria relating to litter prevention and waste management, environmental and heritage management as well as activities among community groups and leadership.
The following is taken from Hansard at the announcement of the awards in 1988
That the Senate-
(a) congratulates the Mayor, Councillors, the Premier Town Committee, and the people of the City of Warrnambool, Victoria, for their achievement, on Saturday, 20 November 1988, in taking out the Victorian `Premier Town Award' for an unprecedented third time;
(b) congratulates the business people of Warrnambool for their efforts in helping the city to win the Victorian Industrial and Commercial Development Award, including a special award for coastline preservation and studies


This album is significant in that it documents an important award to the City of Warrnambool. It is also a comprehensive pictorial record of Warrnambool as it was in 1988.Volume 2. Covers Warrnambool rivers, bridges, coastal features, places of learning, clubs and sporting facilities and historical and general interest all of which have played an important role in the development of and history of the city and lives of its people.

Physical description

Soft brown vinyl cover with plastic cover. Pages are dark cream cover paper. A sticker with the Warrnambool Premier Town logo is inside the front cover. The album consists of photographs of various buildings and streetscapes with relevant descriptive text.

Inscriptions & markings

Sticker inside front cover, Mr J Gietz Po Box 1007 Warrnambool Vic 3280.