Historical information

Letter from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11, to acknowledge a letter sent by the Shire of Ballarat to Her Majesty on the occasion of the visit of Rear Admiral Sir Brian Murray and Lady Murray expressing a message of loyalty and to be forwarded to Her Majesty.


Acknowledgement of loyalty to the Crown

Physical description

Rectangular dark wood frame with gold around inner edge. Letter from Buckingham Palace is set in a dark brown mount and at the base is an explanation as to why this letter was received.

Inscriptions & markings

(Letter) BUCKINGHAM PALACE 20th September, 1983. Dear President, I am commanded by the Queen to thank you, Councillors, Ratepayers and Citizens of the Shire of Ballarat for your kind and loyal message of greetings. Her Majesty received this message with much pleasure and was touched by the kind and loyal sentiments it contained. Yours Sincerely John ......... The President The Shire of Ballarat. (at the base) On Wednesday 24th August,1983,On the occasion of the official visit to the Shire of Ballarat,of His Excellency, Rear Admiral Sir Brian Murray,K.C.M.G.,O.A.,K.ST.J.,Governor of Victoria,and Lady Murray,C.ST.K.,a message of loyalty was presented for forwarding to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11.