Historical information

This book is the remarkable story of the world's tallest tree species, the Redwood, growing in the Great Otway National Park in Victoria's south-west. It was originally planted by Victorian foresters for experimental purposes on land abandoned by the early settlers. The Coast Redwood, native of California, is now thrives in the Otways alongside the famous eucalypt, the towering Mountain Ash. The majestic Otway Redwoods, still in their youthful growth phase, have withstood adversity caused by fire, landslide, lighting and chainsaws, while the ongoing political debate about the conservation of the valuable forest resources continues.

Physical description

The redwoods of the Otway Ranges. Roger B. Smith. Lothian Custom Publishing; Middle Park (Vic); 2015. ii, 202 p.; illus., maps, appendices, notes. IBSN 978 1 921737 13 8. Soft cover.

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With best wishes from Roger Smith.