Historical information

Stratford railway station is located on the Bairnsdale line in Victoria, Australia. The railway lined opened on 8 November 1887 it served the town of Stratford.

The building at the Stratford Railway Station was opened around 1921 after the original building was destroyed by fire on 10 January 1920.

"STRATFORD RAILWAY STATION. Mr. M'Lachlan, M.L.A., has received the following from Mr. Norman, late Chairman of the Railway Commissioners:-"In reply to yours, I beg to state that material for the new Stratford railway station has been ordered, and the work will be put in hand as soon as it has been delivered. It is not an easy matter at the present time to obtain materials, and I cannot say exactly when those required will be received." (Gippsland Times, 27 September 1920)

Until their demolition, Munro, Fernbank, Lindenow and Hillside stations were located between Stratford and Bairnsdale stations. (wikipedia)

Physical description

Photograph of two postcards showing a crowd at Stratford Railway Station to celebrate the opening of the new building.