Historical information

Early in World War I local women's groups in Australia began working to provide provide tobacco, cakes, puddings, condensed milk, sugar, biscuits, newspapers and other 'luxury' items to supplement the Australian soldier's army rations. These fund-raising bodies were amalgamated in 1916 to form a national body, The Australian Comforts Fund (ACF), which undertook to provide 'comforts' to all Australians abroad. Sales of this book raised funds for The Australian Comforts Fund.

Physical description

A thin book with a brown fabric cover. On the cover is a black line drawing of a koala in a tree. It contains a summary of the work done by the Australian Comforts Funds at the front, Anzac and Mudros, at the camps in Egypt with a summary of gifts and statement of accounts.The book sold for 3/- or 15 P.T. in aid of the A.C.F.
It was edited by William Beit.