Historical information

Certificate or registration of the Historic Vessel the 'Idler' which is currently also at the Seaworks Maritime Discovery Centre.


This certificate registers the 'Idler' as a surviving vessel of relevance to Australia's maritime heritage.

Physical description

Certificate from the Australian Register of Historic Vessels from the Australian National Maritime Museum. For the vessel, the Idler.
Signed on 25th May 2012

Inscriptions & markings

"Australian/ Register/ of/ Historic Vessels/ Australian National Maritime Museum."
"The vessel/ Idler/ has been accepted into the Australian Register of Historic Vessels/ on/ 25 May 2012/ signed/ Kevin Sumption Director/ Australian National Maritime Museum."
"The Register records surviving vessels of relevance to Australia's maritime heritage. It is/ building a national picture of boats and their designers, builders and owners from around/ Austrlia, to promote understanding of their connections with their communities past and /present, and to encourage awareness and planning for their preservation and use./ The ARHV is managed by the Australian National Maritime Museum in association with /Sydney Heritage Fleet."