Historical information

When he arrived in 1903 Charles Trew saw the need for a boarding house in Lavers Hill which he called "Cavan House". Originally two rooms it gradually increased with more accommodation and stables. In 1918, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hobson leased Cavan House and later bought the premises. Cavan House quickly became popular as a guest house, with many guests returning year after year for holidays. Ensuring the comfort and well-being of guests was appreciated. Mrs Hobson provided generous meals for workers and teachers on a semi-permanent basis as well as meals for the travelling public. After the Hobson's retirement in 1953 a succession of operators followed. The Visitors Book covers ther perion from 1936 until 1945.

Physical description

Visitors, Caven House. Leather-bound, quarto, pp. 242.

Inscriptions & markings

Names of visitors from cover to cover.