Historical information

In WWII New Guinea, GUINEA GOLD presented news to all troops "in the field". It avoided editorial comment. It published for 1320 continuous days, without missing a single edition. The front and back pages concentrated on current world news, including major sporting events. Page 2 was generally devoted to extracts from Australian and US newspapers. Some news was obtained by taking shorthand notes of short-wave radio bulletins from Australia, the U.S. and the B.B.C. At its peak, distribution was 37,000 to US forces and 27,000 to Australian forces, daily. The daily version had four pages and the WEEK-END SUPPLEMENT edition contained 8 pages (with extra pictures & cartoons).


Guinea Gold" daily brought to the news-hungry men of the Australian and American forces serving in the steaming jungle, topics of interest to allay their boredom and boost their morale. It was able to do so because US General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in the South-West Pacific, gave it permission to publish his communiqu├ęs 20 hours before the release time for the rest of the world's media. The newspaper contains Australian, American & world news (military, political, sports & tabloid).

Physical description

Seven editions of "Guinea Gold" from 1943 and 1944. 2103.1 is edition 7/6/1943. 2103.2 is edition 8/6/1943. 2103.3 is edition 12/6/1943. 2103.4 is edition 27/2/1944. 2103.5 is edition 26/3/1944 and is the Weekend Supplement. 2103.6 is edition 26/3/1944 and 2103.7 is dated 9/4/1944 and is the Weekend Supplement.