Historical information

The magazine was produced as a tribute to Lillian Roxan who was a great Australian and an international journalist. It is not dated but was published by Sungravure Pty Ltd circa 1974-75,
The editor, Ailsa Craig wrote for the the magazine Woman's Day in the 1950s and 60s. she had an active career in journalism from 1960-1980. it contains b/w and sepia photographs.


This magazine style paperback book contains photos of an earlier Australia.

Physical description

A paper magazine - AUSTRALIA ALBUM -THE PAST IN PICTURES. It contains prints of historic photos. On the front cover is a portrait of three young children dressed in early 19th century clothing. This is inside an oval frame with a gold border. There is a wreath of colourful flowers and butterflies surrounding this.The title is printed in red at the top. In the top right-hand corner is the price $1.50. It was edited by Ailsa Craig and contains photos and text from readers of Womans Day, The Sydney Morning Herald, the Sydney Mitchell Library and the Department of the Army. The magazine style book has 94 pp.