Historical information

Co-author Simon Flagg from the Koorie Records Unit, Public Record Office Victoria, did most of the research for the book. Rita Watkins, a descendent of Percy and Lucy, provided photographs and family stories for the book.
"As well as brief chapter introductions, the book contains transcripts of the letters to, from and about the Pepper Family. Among various aspects of the family's life, the letters show Lucy Pepper's long battle with tuberculosis and her request to live with other family members on a mission. But she was denied this natural wish because 'half-caste' Aboriginal people were excluded from the missions." -co-author Simon Flagg from the Koorie Records Unit, Public Record Office Victoria,


This book, with its transcripts of original letters, is an invaluable historical resource for university and school students on Aboriginal history in Victoria and what happened on Aboriginal reserves.

Physical description

A book titled "Footprints", which portrays the struggles of Lucy and Percy Pepper in the first half of the twentieth century. It was published jointly by the National Archives of Australia and Public Record Office Victoria, both of which hold original records of the family's correspondence with bureaucracy over the years. The book was authored by Simon Flagg and Dr Sebastian Gurciullo.
The cover has a dark brown background with black footprints printed over it. They are both bare foot and shoe prints. It has a b /w photograph of a family posed for the camera. Across the top is the title FOOTPRINTS printed in pale yellow. At the bottom of the photo in pale yellow script is "the journey of Lucy and Percy Pepper". At the foot of the front cover is " An Aboriginal Family's struggle for survival".