Historical information

From the wedding trousseau of Doris Cora Halkyard, nee Wrigley, who married Arthur John Stanley Halkyard in 1912. The couple lived at Barone, 9 Moule Avenue, from around 1951 until 1970. This item is from the "Barone" Collection. "Barone" (also known as "Seaview") was a stately Brighton home built at 9 Moule Avenue prior to 1855 and demolished in 1986. The house's residents included Edward Elgin Browne (during 1859-72), a Melbourne tea merchant, and the family and descendants of retired Scottish Army captain Archibald Black (during the period 1880-1970). Doris, the final member of the Black family to inhabit the house, was Archibald's granddaughter. Barone's neighbours included “St Ninians” owned by the Ward Cole family, “Seacombe” owned by the Moule family, and the home of James Grahame and his family.

Physical description

A pale blue wedding garter featuring a pale pink bow and cream lace edging.