Historical information

This lamp is typical of lamps used in Welsh Coal Mines. It was purchased from the supplier around mid 1995.

The Welsh Miners’ Lamps were ingeniously designed over 180 years ago to alert coal miners to danger. It ensures the burning of a protected flame in the presence of explosive gas, by regulating the necessary supply of atmospheric air, and by allowing the products of combustion to pass through without igniting the gaseous atmosphere. If the atmosphere is so heavily charged that noxious gas enters the lamp, its presence will be indicated by a change in the length and color of the flame, and (unless there are exceptional circumstances), the miner has sufficient warning to secure his safety. (http://www.welshminerslamps.com/info_lamp_personaluse.shtml, accessed 06/05/2015)

E. Thomas & Williams, Ltd. mining lamps have been in continuous production since 1860.

Cambrian Lamps are approved for use in coal mines where methan gas and oxygem deficinecy are hazards.

Physical description

Solid Brass traditional miners Flame Safety Lamp with Copper Chimney. The base of this lamp is tooled from solid brass because brass does not spark when it hits rock and is therefore the safest metal to use underground. The lamp burns lamp oil (kerosene).

Inscriptions & markings

R. Thomas and Williams Ltd Makers Aberdare Wales
Cambrian No 152897