Historical information

The Mining Safety Lamp is used in flammable atmospheres, and consists of a wick lamp with a mesh screen enclosing the flame. It was created for use in coal mines, to reduce the danger of explosions due to the presence of methane and other flammable gases, called firedamp or minedamp.

J. K. DEY & SONS was established in 1947 and manufactures Safety Lamps, Torches and Carbide Lamps. In 1967 the Mining Authority of India issued approval of the Velox GL5 Flame Safety Lamp ( Kerosene burning ) self-extinguishing type. At that time J.K. Dey captured the whole mining market of safety lamps in India. (http://www.jkdey.com/history.html, accessed 06/05/2015)

Physical description

Metal mining safety lamp with copper bas and hanging hook.

The Dey Velox GL5 Gas Testing Flame Safety Lamp boasts sharp detection of methane gas; detection of the shortage of oxygen; detection of the presence of Carbon-dioxide, is magnetically unlocked; ncludes a top feed device for testing Methane Gas close to the roof; contains an auto extinguisher.

Inscriptions & markings

J.K. Dey & Sons Calcutta
Velox G