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Photograph - Colour - Old Colonists Club Ballarat Past Presidents Board

From the Collection of Old Colonists' Association of Ballarat Inc. 16-14 Lydiard (North) Street Ballarat Central Victoria

Photograph of a timber board with gold writing listing the past presidents of the Old Colonists' Club Ballarat from 1888 to 2015.
Object Registration
old colonists' club ballarat, j.p. murray, h.r. nicholls, t.t. holloway, w. trahar, g. abraham, j.e. ashley, w.h. tweedie, c.e. grainger, a.e. cutter, t.g. skewes, j. king, w.n.v. skewes, w.i.c. bailey, w.d. reid, w.a. stark, w.j. treadwell, r.h. ramsay, f. besmeres, f. o'bern, t.f. moran, h.e. batten, c.h. anderson, a.w. bennett, s. walker, c.g. palmer, h.s. west, j.t. mahy, h. mckinley, h. yates, f.c. wray, l.a. blackman, a. payne, r.w. langford, h.e. smith, j.c. feltham, e.g. ludbrook, h.i. ebley, h. godbehear, g. stewart, w.h. heniz, w.e. wyres, f.c.wray, w.h. heinz, g.h.w. baker, r.a. nicholson, c.h. davis, h.r. sumner, j.h. conventry, m.b. schultz, f.n. pitts, s. bracks, b.e. bartrop, a.m. mackinnon, k. irvin, a.c. burrow, h.b. berry, m.r. smith, d.c. strickland, j.a. tolladay, gerald m. jenzen, f.g. liston, w.g. cornell, g.s. young, s.j. carter, t.p. etchells, mary batten, i.l. capuano, d.j. anderson, p.b. carigg, i.f. crowley, margaret knez
When Made
Made By
Clare Gervasoni (Photographer)
Last updated
3 Mar 2017 at 10:12AM