Historical information

Memorabilia of 908 Dvr Thomas Edward Whyte, 3rd Light Horse Field Ambulance, World War 1

READ THIS. During the last war I sent these pictures home through devious channels. When I lobbed back I found them all pasted in these albums by my young brother Billy. He was only a kid then! Nowadays he is serving up North. Went away with the original 9th Battn. Was in the Blitz on England and served in Libya, Tobruk, Greece, Crete and Palestine and was twice knocked. It's not long since the last upheaval 1914-18 and I wonder if these boys think as we did. This will be the last war? I sincerely hope so. TW

Physical description

Set of two photo albums. Photos pasted into albums with captions in white ink.

Photo captions - Vol 1. (? = not legible)
1. Prisoners from ES SALT
2. Dust scene at AUJA FORD. 4th LH BDE
4. Houses and domain WASSA battle
5 .Pontoon at SERAPELAI
6. SPINX (sic) & PYRAMID
7. The Nile floods occur once yearly and all irrigation centres are alternatively flooded
8. Pontoon bridge over SUEZ Canal at SERAPEUM . Constructed by Aust Engineers
9. The arrival of newspapers and mail
11. Camp outside Jerusalem. Walls of old city easily discernible
12. Roman walls on beach at MONTAZEH
13. ? ? These boats are used for conveying between steamer & shore
14. Interest shown in the new issue. Through the scarcity of horses Batmen/Grooms and drivers ? allotted donkeys ? ?
16. Trumpeter ?
17 Indians making ? for railroad
18. 'SPELLO' Sinai Country
19. Police searching Egyptian labourer
20. Cavalry ?? SHA?
21. Entering ? WADI ?
22. Bedouins at ?
23 No caption
24 No caption
25 Bolar trees EZBEKIEH Gardens CAIRO
26 .Flamingos at NOUZEH Gardens ALEXANDRIA
30 AMGS on beach at ?
32 Mascot of 7th M.V.G. 3RD ALHR
33 Printing on walls inside St Mary's Church. Depicting the Flight from Herod. (Corner torn off photo)
34 Inside Virgin Mary's Church at MATARA
35 ? painting in Church ??
36 SUEZ Canal. Finish of Arab pony race. ZAL-A-ZIA
37 Admiralty offices at PORT SAID
38 A corner of CHEOP"s PYRAMID
39 The Spinx (sic). Nose was blown off by a shell from one of Napoleon's guns.
40 Monastry on the MT of TEMPTATION
41 Mess orderlies. Foodstuffs in locker given to troops by the AIF
42 Mid day meal on treck
43 Ambulance sand carts for conveying wounded and sick over desert sand
44 3rd ALHB
45 Kaisers Church JERUSALEM. Inside is a large painting figuring the Kaiser & Kaiserine holding a model church.
46 Bedouin women drawing water from well at EL-ARISH
47 2nd ALH BGDE doing route march on JERUSALEM-JERICHO ROAD
48 GEN HODSON GOC Anzac Mounted Divn presenting decorations & investitures on the sands at SHEIKS-ZOWAID
49 Armoured Car
50 Snow at the CEEDERS (sic) on Mt LEBANON
51 Compulsory phenyle bath for all troops in front line area
52 Austrian guns taken at point of bayonet by NZ & 2nd BGDE at GAZA
53 CACHOLETS for carrying wounded
54 The boys found some timber and made a spring board on SUEZ Canal
55 Bedouin wedding. The Bride travels in state amongst rubbish on top of camel. Her father leads conveyance.
56 Australian graves at SHALLAL
57 Camel Transport Company bring rations along beach
58 Billy the mascot holds an offensive & checks advancement
59 Exercising horses at HELMIEH Egypt
60 PONT-DE-QUOBBA Egypt. A suburb of well-to-do Egyptian merchants
61 Demolition stunt at ASLU. Bridge destroyed by Australian Engineers
62 Swimming horses in Great Bitter Lakes Egypt
63 On the move along Wadi
64 On the shores of the Bitter Lakes EL-EGYTE
65 A leave party waiting for the pontoon to swing into position
66 Carting grain
67 Egyptian Brass Band
68 French warboat (sic) in Canal
69 Russian Troops from Mesopotamia passing through SUEZ Canal
70 Prisoners coming in under escort. Turkish & German officers in lead mounted on ponies
71 Turkish prisoners
72 T.B.D in Canal
73 Old trenches on SUEZ CANAL near BITTER LAKES on W Bank
74 Monitor in Canal
75 Block house, trenches & entanglements near Post 62
76 A halt in an Egyptian village EL-MARO'
77 Mobile wireless plant
78 On the road from Canal to Railhead
79 Old Turkish guns in ancient fort at ALEXANDRIA
80 Francenia steaming through Canal
81 After MAGHDABA stunt. Convoy taking wounded form EL-ARISH to railway at 139
82 Indian Camelry
83 Virgin Mary's Church
84 Sluice gate at BARAGE Egypt
85 Hospital at lower W bank of Canal
86 Virgin Mary's tree
87 Sweetwater Canal at ISMAILIA Egypt
88 Halt and Feed. The A.M.C. attached to flying column.
89 Bringing stores ashore at JAFFA
90 H Videon & J Britton astride donks. Horses became scarce through casualties etc and units had donkeys issued to them
91 RAMLEH. The traditional burial place of St John the patron saint of England (sic).
92 Jewish Synagogue at RISHON-COUR-LE-LION (Richard the Lion Hearted)
93 Water tower at HELIOPOLIS
94 Portion of camp on HELIOPOLIS Racecourse
95 Arrival of papers
96 Sand sleigh
97 Boring plant & prisoners taken on the JIFF-JAFFA stunt. Two Austrian officers and party of Turks taken whilst building a concrete gun
98 The obelisk at MATARIA
99 In an avenue of Australian gums at ZEITOUA
100 Mountain battery gun
101 The 3rd ALH BGDE camped at HELIOPOLIS Racecourse
102 Captured Turkish guns
103 Turkish and Austrian prisoners. JORDAN VALLEY
104 The MT of Temptation Monastery built over spot where Christ spent his 40 days
105 Refugees from ES-SALT at JERICHO
106 3rd LHFA and 8th LH REGT at HELIOPOLIS
107 Fig trees at Roman Wells JIFF JAFFA
108 Inside the Blue Mosque CAIRO
109 Lagoon that was destroyed on JIFF JAFFA stunt
110 Section race at Brigade sports
111 Another tombstone at ALEX
112 Innoculating female date palm
113 Bronze tombstone in a cemetary at ALEXANDRIA
114 Luna Park at HELIOPOLIS
115 Egyptian water buffalo. Used by natives for ploughing etc
116 Russian church. Some call it the "Church of St Mary Magdelene"
117 At pyramids GIZA. Billingsley lost leg & McMullin KIA
118 Pontoon bridge over Suez Canal
120 Rescue work
121 Paddy Hanly
122 Motor train for conveying rations between Canal and Railhead.
124 British ???
125 Bedouins bringing in their harvest from the fields of ABBASSAN-EL-KEBIR Palestine
127 Date ? SINAI
128 Military railroad running through ? at EL-ARISH
129 Street scene at KHAN-YUNIS Palestine. Samson often called at this place to visit his girl. Napoleon narrowly escaped capture here during his ?
in 1799
130 Date palms bearing fruit. These do not ? they are ??
131 Motor ambulance convoy
132 Turkish hospital BEERSHEBA
134 Town Hall BEERSHEBA
135 Railway station BEERSHEBA
137 Turkish depot MAGDABA
139 3rd ALAB Hospital
140 Main Street PORT SAID
141 Stock Exchange ALEXANDRIA
142 The "Bull Ring" 14th AGH
143 (Double exposure)
144 Jewish School at DURAN Palestine
145 Damascus Gate JERUSALEM
146 Roller used for grinding clay for making bricks
147 The Harbour at ALEXANDRIA
148 Part of Napoleons Road along sea shore opposite BEELAH
149 Hotel at ALEX. Barred to the troops of course.
154 Ambulance treck
155 Cacholets at the casually clearing station
156 Refugees from ES-SALT entering the Jordan Valley. Mts of MOAB in background
157 Cameliers bring in prisoners
158 The "Niagara". Casualties were from the front line by all descriptions of transport and passed through several field hospitals until they eventually reached the railway. They were sent to KANTARA by train. Despatched from there to PORT SAID by this boat
160 Turkish prisoners in JORDAN VALLEY
161 Bedouin nippers of SINAI
162 Bridge destroyed by ALH at ASLUJ
163 Railway sheds at BEERSHEBA. Portion was set afire by retreating Turks
164 ASLUJ Station
165 German Hospice
166 at ASLUJ
167 Suez Canal offices PORT SAID
168 MENA Village from top of Cheops. White lines at left are roads made by Australian troop. First Aust Contingent camped here.
169 A felukeh passing through gate at BARAGE
170 Military railway terminal EL ARISH
171 (No caption)
172 Egyptian family waiting for a train
173 Turkish prisoners and captured material coming in
174 Turkish wounded at BEERSHEBA awaiting removal
175 Two hospital ships at ALEXANDRIA
176 Some of the Bd boys
177 Race meeting 3rd ALHB at TRIPOLI- SYRIA
178 The blacksmith and Rodney Thomas swimming horse in SUEZ CANAL
179 Natives grinding grain
180 Thoroughbred
182 Trenches at JIFF JAFFA
183 MacBoyd as a Padre
184 Egyptian Syce having shave by travelling barber
185 The creek outside ALMINA
186 Cameliers
187 Clearing Station on beach at EL-ARISH
188 Wadi at TALLAT-EL-DUMM
189 Motor transport park
190 Some of the boys
191 Pompeys Pillar
193 Hospital at JERUSALEM
194 Cheop's Pyramid
195 Golden Gate JERUSALEM
196 Hustling Turks through BEERSHEBA
197 Holy City
198 Mosque of Omar Jerusalem
199 Railway bridge destroyed by ALH at ASLUJ
200 Enemy material captured at SHERIA BEERSHEBA
201-3 These Mosques built with alabaster taken from pyramids at
204 Pontoon bridge built by our Engineers over RIVER JORDAN
205 3rd Bgde in Koil at MASAID
206 Billy McGhie throwing the weight
207 Nirazeh ? Gardens
208 Motor Ambulance Park
209 Bedouin women in Palestine village
211 Junction Stn
212 Indian Lancers
213 Motor convoy at ESSANI
214 A & B Sections
215 JERUSALEM. Once known as the 'City of Palms' and presented to Cleopatra by Anthony
216 Monastery on the Mount of Temptation. Situated on the Hills of Solomon on E side of Jordan Valley just behind JERICHO
217 DURAN A Jewish village in Palestine
218 One of our planes meets with a mishap on landing
219 Bedouin flocks around NABLUS
220 ES-SALT Road just above Jordan River
221 Halt! Action Front! Getting guns into action from pack
222 Village well
223 Gun inspection
225-6 At GIZA Zoo Egypt
227 Syrians gathering olives
228 Smashed plane
229 MacBoyd
230 Bridge across Jordan at GORRONHOER
231 Competitors for Gretna Green. 3rd Bgde sports at TRIPOLIA
233 Main street JAFFA
234 The beach at MARI-KHEB
235 Scene of old Cairo
236 Bedouin market
237 Bridge built over Wadi EL-ARISH. The biblical "River of Egypt".
238 Old water reservoir in native village
239 A "spello" on the track
240 Plane going out on reconnaissance
241 Bomb attached to carrier on a plane
242 Ancient Turkish gun at forts in TRIPOLI - SYRIA
243 Gun inspection 3rd AMGS
244 Old Turkish trenches outside GAZA
245 Wadi KHUZEL Bridge at SHALLA
247 Street scene ZAG-A-ZIG
248 Spinx (sic) & Pyramid - GIZA
249 Egyptian Coastguards at ALEXANDRIA
250 A Palestine camp E Troop 3rd MG Sqn
251 B class horses killed in Syria
252 Scene from summit of Pyramid
253 Bert Richmond & an old Turkish Howitzer on MONTAZEH
255 Australian trenches outside Ferry's Post near Hill 70
256 A street scene in HELIO{PLIS
257 Electric trams at ALEXANDRIA
258 Cleaning harness
259 Swinging pontoon bridge into position at SERAPEUM
260 British Monitor in Suez Canal
261-2 Scenes of Turkish buildings at MAGHDABA. Taken by the ALH The first time in history mounted troops have attacked and taken
entrenched positions
263 Aussies at Egypt's ancient monuments
264 Scenes of old CAIRO from MOKATTAM Hils
265 Bridge across canal at BARAGE, 16 miles outside CAIRO
266 Curly and Vic Norton
267 Stumpy McIntyre & Long Pikington
269 Digging post holes for stables
270 Cameliers bring in prisoner. Austrian Officer in black
271 White washing mess shed
272 F Troop 3rd AMGS Sqn
273 Jews at Recruiting Depot at JERUSALEM, forming Jewish Battalion
274 In Jordan Valley, 3rd Machine Gunners have 8 horses killed by an aerial torpedo
275 Turkish prisoners
276 Cocos Island
277 Snow on the Lebanon Ranges
278 Egyptian Hotel
279 Gordon Wake. Note intruders
280 Electric trams at HELIOPOLIS Egypt. Heliopolis built by Belgian firm in 7 years
281 Sweetwater Canal at SERAPEUM
282 The ? wells at JIFF-JAFFA
283 Virgin Mary's well at MATARIA. Boyd, Simpkin & Crowley
284 Cricket for convalescents at MONTAREH
285 Indians working at cutting for military railway
286 Australian Hospital BEERSHEBA
287 Removing wrecked ambulance car from rail road
288 Engineers depot in ? at EL-ARISH
289 Water preservation scheme at SHALLAL
290 German Princes Palace at HELIOPOLOLIS
291 Some of the boys
292 Aussie aerodrome BEELAH
294 Some of the gunners
295 Trying camels in gun carriages. Note sand caterpillar
296 Street outside old city JERUSALEM
297 D.H QRS In EL-ARISH. Hod
298 Cairo Museum
299 Wadi bridge built by Army Engineers
300 A two storied building at GALM used as German HQrs until reached by our guns
301-2 No caption
303 Ambulance with Flying Column
304 Jack Pegg 3 AMGS
306 In the Jewish village of "Rischon le Lion"
307 Wet Canteen BEELAH
308 Motor Transport LATRON
309 Gen Chauvel OC Desert Mounted Column
310 10th LH - Inverness Battery "Railhead"
313 Camel training and wireless station Hill 60
314 ZAG-A-ZIG Rly Stn
315 One of the Irrigation Canal locks "HELOUAN"
316 Indian Camel Corps
317 Base at Hill 60
318 Aussie transport arriving "ALEXANDRIA"
319 3 ALHB at AL MINA
320 Main entry to city of JAFFA
321 Mosque at DAMASCUS
322 A Turk brought to earth by one of our patrols
323 Brigade boxing contrst
324 Ostrich farm ZEITOUN
326 No caption
327 Mail day
328 3rd LHFA entering HELIOPOLIS from MENA
329 M Boyd, L Simpkins, S Crowley
330 Stretcher bearers
331 French Hosp JERUSALEM
333 Gippo crushing wheel
334 On the move - bully and biscuits
335 V Morton, F Stokes, L Simpkins & Hanley
336 Turkish prisoners - SHERIA
337 Getting used to the mask J Antonio MM
338 Sand carts
339 Model house - MONTAZA Hospital
340 "Abdul"
341 Wood Depot "ESDUD"
342 On troop ship - from Syria
343 Turkish prisoners "JULIUS"
345 3rd AMGS cook house "BEELAH"
346 Breaking camp "ZEITOUN"
347 Turkish prisoners "GAZA"
348 One of our tanks. About nine were blown out of action at GAZA
349 Camp in HOD-EL-ARISH
351 Race Course TRIPOLI
352 A Locke & P Leeming
353 Sea planing in Suez Canal
354 MOASCR detail camp
355 KANTARE Suez Canal
356 Four boys of MG Sqn at cards while convalescing . Marked X was a prisoner of war for three days. Got him back with us when we
357 Signal station at CANA
358 H Videon in german rig
360 Sweetwater Canal ZAG-A-ZOG
361 Hospital train on beach EL-ARISH
362 Jerusalem Road
363 Bedouin camel and young'un
364 Admiralty Offices, PORT SAID
365 Suez Canal PORT SAID
366 Taking wounded to clearing station
367 Hills of 10-60 MALHA
368 Junction Station
370 Wine Distillery LATRON
371 White figures how entrance to Pyramid
372 RAPC Wireless Station
373 Sports in Canal. ANZAC Day 1916. Prince of Wales is aboard white launch.
374-5 Captured Austrian boat. 40,000 cases of benzine aboard. She was brought into Canal at Port Said. Spies set her afire. She burnt for
some considerable time and eventually blew up.
376 Pumping water from Wadi on Muckshabee stunt
377 On trenches
378 Bringing in disabled battle plane
379 Giving a motor transport a lift
380 Old Turkish howitzer. MONTAZZA
381 Jerusalem country
382 Palm Hod in SINAI. Trees do not bear dates until 14 years old. No bees here. Palms innoculated by Bedouin.
383 Camel cacolets for conveying wounded
384 ESKBEKIEL Gardens Cairo
386 Xmas dinner 1916
387 Gift billies from ACF
388 Section competition
389 In big marquees HELIOPOLIS
390 HM Landships
391 Capt Aberdeen inspecting horses
392 Football. Black vs White
393 The game
394 Old Napoleon fort. 10 mile along coast from ALEX
395 Jewish Cemetery AKRON
396 Ration fatigue
397 Blowing bottom out of Turkish Reservoir to allow soakage
398 Tilley & Farley - 14th AGH
399 At GIZA Zoo. Note height of giraffe
400 On this stunt we destroyed Turkish reservoir of 2 1/2 million gallons
401 Demolition party at wells MUCK-SHUBE
402 3rd ALH Bde HELIOPOLIS Race course
403 HMLS "Lady Wingate"
404 Turks blew out our tanks at GAZA
405 One of our aviators captured by German. Note German wearing Iron Cross. Snapped behind Turkish lines. Original of this snap was dropped at Aust aerodrome to let them know Aussie airman was alright and not killed in capture. Chivalry
406 Sausage observation balloon
408 Bomb on carrier
409 Testing
410 B Richmond, Wireless Operator RAFC
411 Loading Bomb
412 Crash in desert
413 Bomb in YMCA at MAZRAR
414 No caption
415 LW Simpkin - Late 3LHFA
417 Shelling the MARSDEN
418 Pontoon across Jordan River
419 Shells on Walkers Ridge
420 Sweetwater Canal
422 Indian Lancers on Canal
423 CAIRO Railway Station
424 Destroying Turkish water supplies. Explosives used for breaking clay at bottom of lagoon, help to absorb water
425 Exercising horses at ZEITOUN Egypt
426 In Wadi on MUG-SHUBEE stunt
427 Tractor drawing 60 lb gun towards front line
428 Sultan's mother's place at HELIOPOLIS = City of the Sun
429 Camped on the sands outside RAILHEAD, Jump off for SINAI campaign
430 G Turner & A Lockwood out for a camel ride.
431 GAZA and Nile floods from top of Pyramid
432 Baby refuses to carry his harness and his pal wears an astonished look
433 No caption
434 Turkish Officers
435 Regt HQRS at IBEETA
436 No caption
437 3rd Machine Gun Squadron 3rd ALH Bgde (my unit)
438 Camel Corps at dinner
439 KHEFREN Pyramid snapped from top of Cheops
441 Pyramids
442 MENA from top of Pyramids
443 Snap from Pyramid showing MENA-CAIRO road running through Nile floods
444 MENA village from Pyramid
445 Band of British West Indies Regt
446 Gippo Band
447 Swimming on Med Sea 102 KmA
448 H Maddocks
449 Bedouin and Egyptians utilise any animals for their fields
450 Captured Turkish train - BEERSHEBA
451 Gardens ISMAILIA
452 Gippos used for horse lines etc
453 Canteens at HELIOPOLIS
454 3 ALHB watering in Wadi on ESSANI stunt
455 ALEX, Napoleon relics
456 Egyptian water wheel
457 SUEZ
459 On Reconnaissance at 10-60
460 Goats and sheep captured from hostile Bedouins
461 Pontoon SERAPIUM
462 Aust trenches - Suez Canal. Turks attacked FEB 1916
463 Camel transport
464 3 ALHB Wireless Station. Col Scott 9 LH got DSO on this stunt (MUCK SHUBE)
466 Canal Hospital Ships
467 Ambulance - Sand cart
468 At old Cairo
469 No 1 Casualty Clearing Station
470 3rd Brigade on move
471 3rd LHFB- Making camp SERAPIUM
472 Watering horses
473 Moving up wadi
474 The wells at Wadi GHUZZEE
475 Camel transport SINAI
476 Turkish reservoir destroyed by ALH
477 Wall in a Luxor tomb
478 Entrance to "Temple of Bulls"
479 Bob White
480 Bedouin crops
481 Harem of Montazza, Turkish prince
482 Jack Holmes, Billy McGhee
483 MUDERIA, B Troop post
485 Natives on railroad construction
486 Aust graves SHALLAL
487 The Stumpy Mirror
488 R Nile at MANSUREH
489 Aust graves - BEELAH
491 On issue from QMS. Take what comes. Fit does not matter
493 German Yacht Club - ALEX
494 Old Turkish Howitzer and cannon ball
495 Field hospital
496 Gardens at BARAGE
497 A dispute's ending
498 Snow. MT LEBANON
499 Bedouin sheep
500 Combat in the air
501 no caption
502 Old Napoleon gun
503 Gordon Wake HQ car
504-5 Burying the dead at GAZA
506 Water Polo
507 Brigade boxing comp
508 Field cooker
509 Bridge on Jerusalem road, Blown up by Turks
510 Teaching horses to lay quiet. For protective purposes
511 "Major" and "Bitsy"
512 Bedouin Scarabs
513 Convalescent
514 1. W Billings. Returned to Aust
2. W McMahon KIA
515 Hospital
516 Coming good
517 1st day up - 14th AGH PORT SAID
518 Back again in Regt
519 Billy and Taffy
520 Stew
522 MENA
523 Casualties PORT SAID
524 Washing
525 Mail
526 Gun from the "Emden" mounted in Syney
528 Desert bivouac
530 3RD ALH Bde. Good camp (Extra) All conv's
531 New issue
532 On to another camp (8 LH Regt)
533 Shore - JAFFA on MED SEA

Photo Captions Volume 2 (Illegible = ?)
1 The Cedars on Mt Lebanon, according to tradition originated from the staves of the 12 Apostles 2000 years ago.
2 TIBERIUS taken 27th Sept '18
3 NAZARETH taken 20th Sept. German officer and Arab pony
4 TIBERIUS fell on 27th Sep. Von Saunders was the GOC of Turkish Forces in Palestine
5 Jordan Valley & Plains of Jericho run between Mts of Moab & Hills of Solomon. Distance across valley from foot of each range of hills
abt 13 miles, looks ?
6 Storm on Sea of Galilee
7 DAMASCUS fell on 1st October. German vehicle park.
8 German funeral near Jerusalem
9 JENIN. German Headquarters. Fell 20th Sept. German field bakery
10 Three pages back will be seen a storm on GALILEE. Note now calm here. This photo taken near spot from which the previous one was taken. German motor launch on Galilee.
11 Captured intact on 20th Sept. German workshops JENIN
12 Turkish aerodrome captured here. Hostile aircraft landed whilst it was in our hands. Aviators greatly surprised and even indignant. Motor smash near EL FULE.
13 German Orderly Room (Ammunition box full of gold), DAMASCUS. All this gold Turkish coin secured by our troops.
14 German artillery on the way to the front near KENETRA. The ALH swooped down on the artillery around this vicinity & captured many field guns.
15 German Despatch Rider on the road to ES SALT. Unsuccessful raids carried out on ES SALT on 30th April & 4th May. This country was hard on men and horses. Goat tracks were used at times but horse were led most of the time. Stunt lasted 14 days in wet weather & horses were only unsaddled for about 2 hours during stunt.
16 Strand, ? , Tiberius, Gallilee
17 German workshop. Captured by ALH
18 One of the dead lying outside GAZA. Killed 19th April 17. We could not bury them before November
19 Some of the boys that fell in the charge at BEERSHEBA. Tibby Cotter
20 Collecting our dead for burial. They were K in A on the 19th April at GAZA. Buried seven months later, 23,000 casualties in one day
21 German U-Boat
22 Page of postage stamps and money
- Struck to commemorate Gallipoli victory
- Turkish war postage stamps
- War duty
- Turkish war bank notes

23 Pamphlet. With paper badges affixed
These badges were worn by young Egyptian students. Arabic translation means "Egypt for Egyptians Long Live Egypt" This pamphlet was printed under German influence & distributed around ZAG-A-ZIG, the chief centre of hostilities during the recent
Egyptian riots. The Young Egyptian Students influenced the Natives to oppose British Administration, what they called Tyranny. They professed to have sufficient competent educated men to govern their own affairs, but our Heads would not hear of it. Consequently the riots.
Many ? and soldiers killed. All railways and communications disorganised. It took several months to bring things to their normal ?

Pictures of medals
1. In honour of General Falkenhaugh GOC Turkish Forces
2. The Victorious Emperors of Germany, Austria and Turkey
3. Egypt Awakening

24 Those large photographs I sent you were procured for me by a pal who knew the chap that owned the negatives. The owner of these snaps belongs to the 5th Regiment of the 2nd Brigade, and he took the camera from a Turkish Officer. It had only 6 snaps of a spool of 10, and the BIll Jim finished off the spool by taking 4 of the special entry into Jerusalem. The cross indicates those taken by the Australian, the remainder were taken by the Jackos in the vicinity of BEERSHEBA and SHERIA

Turkish field bakery

25 Cavalry going up to support their own line. However never had much action against the Turkish horsemen
26 Turkish Electricians in the field. I have an idea that this photo was taken to get the centre figure. He looks dinkum Australian. Note Australian leggings on Turk on the right
27 Turkish machine gunners ready for action. This is very much like the Beersheba country. Turkish officers on the right, and along side him is the range taker with his Barand Stroud. We use these instruments in the Sqn and they cost about 83 (Pound)
28 Turkish General Head Quarters just beyond SHERIA. Note hard rocky country
29 Turkish Cavalry watching a fight and getting ready to go into action. This is at SHERIA, and the heavy fighting lasted several days. Plenty of water and the Jacko's tried their hardest to hold on to this pozzie. Often our chaps met the gamer Turks in the dead of night, because both sides were on the same game, crawling down for water. This stunt is known as the Junction Fight.

30 Official entry Dec 11th. The official entry into Jerusalem. Sir G Allenby in the lead with his staff officers of the French and Italian troops accompanying him. Guard represents New Zealand, Australia, England Wales Scotland Ireland and India entering theJaffa Gate

31 Sir Ronald Storrs made Governor of JERU. Captured 9th Dec 17. Reading the Proclamation, General Allenby wearing white breeches. Troops of other nations were present, and the notables of Jerusalem. It was read from the foot of the Tower of David, a place that has been standing since the time of Christ

32 The first of the British troops entering Jerusalem. A few Turkish officers may b seen walking at the head of the column. Populace in a bad plight, very poor and no tucker, and all were greatly overjoyed at the ?? of the British Hundreds and kiddies ill treated ?? (Part of caption missing)

33 10th LH Regt first to enter JERUSALEM. Mounted officer on the right supposed to be the CO of the first troops to enter Jerusalem. Note mud on the horses. Had very wet and muddy weather

34 Dead Jacko
35 Turkish machine gun and crew
36 Hanging Armenian doctors who refused to join Turkish Army
37 Outside Damascus Gate Jerusalem
38 Turkish patrol lying outside trench at EL BUAJ
39 Burying Aussies at DAMASCUS
40 1. Djemel Pasha
2. General Limon Von Saunders GOC Turkish Forces in Palestine
41 One execution in Egypt. Executing an Egyptian offender
42 Turkish atrocities DAMASCUS
43 Turks occupying trenches outside JERICHO
44 On ASLUJ demolition stunt. Feeding and spelling. Arrived at Rendezvous too early
45 Turkish saw bayonet
46 Captured guns taken at BEERSHEBA & SHERIA
47 Our gunners obtained a direct hit on ammunition train
48 The large and small of the game. At GAZA. 74th CCS in background
49 Around JULIOUS. These Turkish shell dumps were very numerous around this vicinity
50 Captured Turkish Cavalry
51 Cavalry leaders
52 Turkish machine gun & crew
53 Enemy officers. One on left is wearing Iron Cross ribbon
54 Captured Austrian boat afire, Suez Canal Port Said. 40,000 cases of benzine aboard. Fire a mysterious outbreak
55 ? Hotchkiss gunners and enemy aircraft over ? TELL-EL-FARA
56 Types of enemy officers. One of our bikes in their possession. Recaptured later. The five pointed medals worn by these officers is called the Gallipoli Star. Issued to commemorate the Turkish victory at Gallipoli
57 Our batteries put in some good shooting amongst Turkish transport
58 Showing compactness of Turkish trenches
59 Desert homes. The only time we had cover in SINAI was when we camped near a Hod. Then we could use date palm leaves
62 10th Regt MGS amongst hills outside JERUSALEM
63 Jews wailing place JERUSALEM
64-5 German post card characters
66 Post Card PHYLAE The Kiosk
67 Post Card Vue du Canal de Suez
68 Post Card No 93 Queen Street, Fort, Colombo
69 Snipers at NALIN Sth Syria. Lousy country for richochets. Nast wounds. (Aust War Memorial Melbourne)
70 Myself on Ginger. This little neddie is boshter jumper
71 Magazine cutting - Lt C H Vautin & German airman G Felmy
72 9th Regt 3rd LHB Judean Hills outside JERUSALEM. (Aust War memorial Melbourne)
73 Sand hills SINAI ? Desert (Aust War Memorial Melbourne)
74 3rd LHB spelling at GALILEE (AWM Melbourne)
75 Jordan Valley outside JERICHO (AWM Melbourne) - lovely Jordan Valley, dust and heat, 1280 ft below sea level
76 Copy of no 69
77 Watering at MATARIA

78 A desert grave - Tpr H R Olver MM 6th LH MGS
Beneath this simple cross there lies a comrade true and tried
He fought as fights a soldier
And like a soldier died

79 B Section. When they first took our Stetsons and issued cumbersome helmets
80 Palestine types of Turkish and German officers
81 Some of the gunners amongst the snows in MT LEBANON
82 The country around JERUSALEM
84 Fishing ? ? at GALLILEE
85 Jerusalem taken Dec 9th. Official entry on the 11th. Jerusalem (showing) Holy City and Mosque of Omar
86 Turkish shell hits old tomb at ZERNUKAH. Capt Hurley official photographer - AWM Melbourne
87 14th AGH at PORT SAID
88 Human bones at Dead City ABBASSIA
89 3rd ALH Bde at HELIOPOLIS
90 Men wearing gloves
91 Wireless station in course of erection at MATARIA - 28 masts
92 Old slave market at ABBRASSIA. Many excavations performed on projecting wooden frame at corners
93 3rd guns on the move. The beautiful scenery between LATRON & JERUSALEM
94 Bedouin agents
95 Collecting captured enemy material
96 Captured double-engined plane
97 On the march. Country at Eastern SINAI
98 Anzac mosaic found at SHALLAL whilst trench digging now covered with gun etc ready for removal. Was sent to Canberra.
99 A Troop watering. A rotten job at a small well when horses are thirsty
100 The new Jericho road. Running through Hills of Solomon Valley in distance
101 Gun inspection
102 Draining pools at WADI AUJA. Keeping down Malaria carrying mosquitos
103 8th Regt and 3rd AMGS at BEELAH
104 A rendezvous in the Jordan Valley
105 2nd ALHB camped outside JERUSALEM
106 WADI AUJA in the Jordan Valley
107 Hospital train on the beach at EL -ARISH
108 Jacko's
109 Jerries
110 Stables of Turkish Headquarters SHALLAL
111 Early training. Every man to throw and quieten his horse for purpose of taking cover
112 A Troop 3rd Guns at TAALAT-EL-DUMM
113 Watering at WADI GHUZZEE
114 J Rushden KIA at ES-SALT
115 J Carling F Troop 3rd AMGS. Taken prisoner at EL-BURJ. Repatriated after Armistace
116 Captured enemy plane
117 Jacko gun
118 Brig-Gen Galloping Jack Royston. OC 3rd ALH Bde
119 Cleaning ammunition belts in the Hod at MASAID
120 Bringing up the fodder at ABBASSAN-EL-KEBIA
121 Some of the boys amongst the snow on MT LEBANON
122 Turkish barley crops at SHALLAL in Southern Palestine
123 The crops a few weeks after our horses had been in this vicinity
124 Clearing up after a stunt
125 On the move. 5 minute spells for the horses
126 In Jordan Valley. An airial torpedo lobbed amongst 3rd MG Transport horses & killed 28
127 Camel ration convoy coming along beach
128 Field Hospital at ET MALER
129 Desert graves at ROMANI
130 A day on the beach. Wash self, horse and clothing
131 Watering on the beach at BEELAH. Note how close fresh water is to the seashore
132 A patrol caught by a shell
133 Spello
134 Crossing the Wadi
135 Halt! Weights off and feed
136 Gas instruction
137 F Troop at TELL-EL-FARI
138 Xmas Dinner at MASAID 1916-17. Arrived back at this camp Xmas Eve after 5 nights & 4 days in saddle & the capture of MAGHDABA
139 Exercising along the beach at MARA-KHEB
140 Watering at a Bedouin well
141 At Sheikh's ZOWAID
142 3rd Gun Squadron at ABBASSAN-EL-KEBIR
143 Captured plane on its way to Australian Aerodrome
144 One of our planes about to pass over Hod
145 E & F Troop horse lines and horses
146 Sun set on Med Sea
147 Beach scene at EL-ARISH
148 Turkish transport. Small animals but they can pull big loads and they possess large hearts
149 The dressing station JIFF JAFFA ?
150-8 Types of Egyptian women
- Nubian
- Fellaheen
- Sudanese
- Low class Gippo
- Egyptian
- Middle Class
-Egyptian Aristocracy
- Turkish

159 French girls on beach at PORT SAID
160 Bedouin girls drawing water
161 Egyptian flappers at ALEXANDRIA
162 Post Card- Dame Turque
163 Post Card - Jeunne Fille Arabe
164 Graves of New Zealanders at RISCHON
165 Graves of Australians at DEIR-EL-BELAH
166 Race day. The saddling paddock
167 Bivouacs
168 3rd ALH Brigade at TRIPOLI
169 Advance party putting down horse lines at KHAN YURIS
170 Breaking the desert monotony
171 WADI QUELT. Taken from one of its precipitous banks
172 Turkish stores on N shore of DEAD SEA
173 Watering at Solomon's Pools
174 Waiting for action at - ES DUN (AWM Melbourne)
175 Camel Corps in action SINAI (AWM Melbourne)
176 ALH Time to Camp (part missing) (AWM Melbourne)
177 3rd Machine Gun Squadron IBU-HARITH, Lieut Breed, McLeod, Guppy, Whyte
178 Cartoon sketch - "A Digger"
179 Turkish Cavalry
180 Gun crew of No 2 Sub F Troop, 3rd Gun Sqdn
181 Operating base of JIFF JAFFA stunt
182 One of the British war boats that cooperated with the Land Force
183 Military railway line passing through a Hod in SINAI
184 AL-MINAH The sea port of Tripoli, Syria
185 NAZARETH Taken on 20 Sep 18
186 The Monastery on the Mt of Temptation, Taken from a cave on opposite hill.
187 JAFFA From the beach
188 In Monastery on the Mt of Temptation Rock on which Christ spent his 40 days
189 Cross indicates Garden of Gethsemane. Arrow at Russian Church of St Magdalene. MT of Olives on left
190 The Roman Bath at MONTAZAH. Hewn out of solid rock
191 Mine sweeper ashore near SHEIK'S ZOWAIL
192 Throwing "Chester" for an operation
193 The swimming pozzie at LAKE TIMSAH, ISMAILIA. Half a mile from MOASCAR, the Aust Training Depot
194 The remains of Napoleon's road. Portions can be seen running between BEELAH & GAZA
195 Camels utilised for ambulance work
196 TULKERAM taken on 19th Sep. This stunt started the previous night and this position fell to us the first day. About 60 miles from starting point
197 German officer at mess, JERUSALEM
198 German Headquarters SEMAK
200 Water preservation scheme at SHALLAL
201 A dip in the Jordan River. Crossed river on night 21-22 April 18
202 Watering and a wash up
203 JERICHO Taken on 21 Feb 18
204 Turkish graves
205 KHAN YUNIS. Southern Palestine, Note how sand ridges from the beach meet vegetation area. Fertile land 20 miles in width. the beginning of PHILISTIA
207 Drawing drinking water in Wadi GHUZZEE
208 The swimming pozzie in JORON
209 Landing stores at EL-ARISH
210 A camp near the wadi
211 Railway line and bridge crossing wadi above SHALLAL
212 The mid-day halt
213 Turks and Aussies at Dressing Station on beach
214 Washing day
215 Bringing supplies ashore
216 Trying mules in a 60 pounder
217 The desert winds have blown away and left this piece standing
218 Pontoons used by the Turks in their attempt to cross Suez Canal Feb 15
220 "GIPPO" Mascot of 3rd AMG Sqdn
221 "Biddy"
222 Railhead camp
223 Typical Bedouin
224 Motor Submarine chaser