Historical information

The entries in this ledger relate to the everyday expenses of the town council. It contains entries which relate to utilities, gardens, market fees, Town Hall, pure food act, interest on loans, sanitary services and fever ward. Each ledger item has a double page and the expenses incurred over the period 1917-1921.


This ledger shows the involvement of council in many different aspects of administration in a town in the early part of the 20th century. While some aspects of this life in Warrnambool are no longer necessary, others still remain part of council duty and administration to the present day.

Physical description

Green cloth covered card cover with tan corners and spine, in leather. Inside front and back cover is patterned brown and purple. Alphabetical index at the front. 301 pages. The spine has two labels, one on black and the second on red background with gold lettering.

Inscriptions & markings

General ledger in gold lettering on red and Town of Warrnambool in gold lettering on black. Both labels on spine.