Historical information

The accounts records in the Medical Accounts book start in February 1929 and refer to many of Warrnambool’s local names and addresses. The ledger book belonged to Dr John Hunter Henderson who conducted his medical practice from his home and surgery at Birchwood, 214 Koroit Street, Warrnambool, from 1904-1939. This particular accounts book spans from February 1929 to May 1931.

Dr Henderson retired in 1939 and moved to Melbourne. His home, medical practice and many of his surgery’s items, including the Medical Accounts Book, were transferred to Dr William Roy Angus in that same year.

The patients’ addresses on page 1 of the ledger include John Lee of St Marys Road, Wangoom. John Lee’s name has two entries on this page. He Grandfather, also John Lee, was a notable pioneer of the district.


John Lee was born in 1884 and died in 1948. His father (1845-1892) and grandfather (1814-1887) were also named John Lee.

John Lee’s Grandfather, Grandmother, Father and Uncle arrived in Australia from Ireland in 1852. The colonial family settled in St Marys Road, Wangoom, Victoria and have a long association with the district. John Lee, born in 1814, is proudly listed amongst the names on the commemorative Warrnambool Pioneers Board, having arrived in Australia In 1852.

In 1855 John’s Grandfather John Lee, aged 41, was head teacher of the Tower Hill School on the south bank of Tower Hill. Two years later, in 1857, the north bank of Tower Hill was surveyed and named the township of Koroit. In November of that year John Lee continued on as head master, now at the newly built Tower Hill Lake National School Number 618, on land that is now Victoria Park Recreation Reserve, on High Street, Koroit. John died in Warrnambool in 1887 but even 50 years later an ex-student wrote a letter to The Age newspaper, recalling memories of John Lee, his head master of the 1860s at the Tower Hill Lake Common School in Koroit.


Doctor Angus had previously practiced in Nhill. The accounts book and many more items of Dr Angus were donated to Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village by the family of Dr Angus, Surgeon and Oculist. The Medical Accounts Book is part of the “W.R. Angus Collection” that includes historical medical equipment, surgical instruments and material once belonging to Dr Edward Ryan and Dr Thomas Francis Ryan, (both of Nhill, Victoria) as well as Dr Angus’ own belongings. The Collection’s history spans the medical practices of the two Doctors Ryan, from 1885-1926 plus that of Dr John Henderson from 1904+1939 and Dr Angus until he retired, from 1923 - 1969.


The Medical Accounts Book is significant as a record of the names, addresses and health of the people in Warrnambool and District in the early 20th century.
The Book is significant for its early 20th century association with two local doctors, Dr John Henderson and Doctor William Roy Angus, whose practices span from 1904-1969.
The Book is also significant historically for its association with the ancestors of patient John Lee, whose Grandfather is recognised on the Warrnambool pioneer Board as one of the early pioneers in Victoria, arriving in 1852.

Physical description

Ledger, Medical Accounts Book. Title is Bruck’s Condensed Medical Account Book. Book has hardback, green cover, bound and reinforced with red leather and printed title in gold lettering. The pages of index tabs in the beginning of the book have no entries. The first page of the accounts section of the book have the hand written heading “February 1929”. The book continues until the end of May 1931. Inside both front and back cover are hand written notes in different scrips. Both black and blue ink has been used. The book belonged to Dr John Hunter Henderson. It is part of the W.R. Angus Collection.

Inscriptions & markings

"Bruck’s Condensed Medical Account Book"