Historical information

This journal contains entries which relate to the expenses of the administration of the town in the early 20th Century. It contains entries which relate to items such as public works, kerbing and channelling, library and museum, abattoir fees, pure food act, limestone and bluestone road metal and salaries.


The entries in this journal provide an overview of expenses and administration costs in early 20th century. There is much information contained in the costs which states when works were completed.

Physical description

Green cloth covered card journal with light brown leather spine and corners. Scrolled brown pattern down edges of spine cover. Edges of pages coloured in green, pink and yellow. Inside front and back covers is coloured light and dark blue. 103 pages. Maroon label on front cover with gold lettering and border. It contains three loose sheets of paper. One dated November 1912 written by H E Lawson calling on subscriptions to support a group to lobby for country interests. A second sheet refers to a poll for a new High School for Warrnambool. The other two sheets refer to voting rights.

Inscriptions & markings

Journal Town of Warrnambool on front cover. Arnall and Jackson engravers and lithographers, Printers and manufacturing stationers 478 Collins St Melbourne No 96927 9/6/06.