Historical information

James Robbins and Mary Jane Ellery were married on 23 April, 1829, in Stoke Lane, St Michael, Somerset, and had six children. James died aged 51 on 7 December, 1845. Mary married again to John Boyce less than twelve months later, and they had a further three children. John and Mary Boyce (Robbins nee Ellery) came to Port Adelaide, South Australia, on the "Flora Kerr" on the 4 March, 1855, with eight of their nine children. Hannah Robbins stayed in England, probably married. On the same ship another daughter, Ann Robbins, came out with her husband, John Treasure, who had already been to Australia searching for gold. From these unions, several generations of children were recorded, the book exploring their lives.

Physical description

James Robbins, 26 November 1794-7 December 1845, and Mary Jane Ellery, 1810-5 September 1889. Doris Robbins. Self published; Colac (Vic); February 1998. 560 p.; illus. Soft cover.