Historical information

In 1991 Premier of Victoria Joan Kirner visited her former workplace (Ballarat Girls' Technical School, a division of the Ballarat School of Mines), to officially open and name four new facilities, marking stage 2 of the school's State Works and Services Development Project. Honoured in the naming ceremony was the late Albert Steane, the late Kenneth Flecknoe and Mr Jack Barker, President of the Ballarat School of Mines. The fourth facility was the recently opened carpentry and joinery complex.
Mrs Kirner said naming the building in honour of the three men would act as a continual reminder of their contribution to education in Australia and what they have passed on to future generations. She said the Government and the State Training Board saw the college as not only one that was most important to Victoria but also nationally and internationally.

Physical description

Black and white photograph of a group of people in the Ballarat School of Mines E.J. Tippett Library. Bill Gribble is speaking behind a lecturn, with six people seated behind. They are (from left to right) Frank Sheehan (M.L.A. for Ballarat South; Peter Shiells (Director of the Ballarat School of Mines), Premier Joan Kirner; E.J. (Jack) Barker; Eric Steane. and David Flecknoe.